Alfred Eisenstaedt: Ballerinas at the Paris Opera doing their barre in rehearsal room. Paris, France, 1963

Alfred Eisenstaedt: Ballerinas practicing at Paris Opera ballet school. 1963
Lucinda Dunn taking class at the Sydney Opera House before her farewell tonight. I already want to cry :’(

Anonymous asked: Would you say someone who went to the royal academy of dance London is a highly professional dance teacher? (My teacher danced there) And is that a great dance school?

I didn’t realise the RAD was a school? The RAD syllabus is incredibly good though, probably the best in my opinion (but it’s all about personal taste).

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Anonymous asked: Do you have to be super young to take up ballet? I'm 18 and have always wanted to dance. Is it too late?

There’s nothing stopping you! Start ASAP :)

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Anonymous asked: Ok so I'm starting ballet in August and I'm 16. If I trained really hard do you think I could ever get to pointe?

Yes of course :) you may be ready as early as 6 months, or it may take a greater length of time like 3 years. Just keep at it :)

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ballerina at the jacobs school of music
bloomington, indiana
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Svetlana Lunkina
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